Education Level
BSc Computer Science, BSc Business Administration (HD)
  • Everyday life

    My work-life has 3 major parts. Firstly, I am a trusted advisor for clients on IT Sourcing. Personally, I get a kick out of analyzing the sourcing potential of a client - and afterwards to orchestrate the strive to achieve the identified potential. Secondly, I am responsible for the relations to a number of our major clients. I enjoy immensely to meet the clients and discuss their challenges in supporting their business with IT. Thirdly, I am part of the management team in Devoteam Denmark. My focus in the management team is our business development and client relations.

  • Personal life

    I am happily married to Jaana (who is from Finland) and have three children. My children are 25, 22 and 17 - and only the youngest one is still living at home. The whole family enjoys skiing, which we always during the winter. We lived two years in Switzerland, where the skiing options are much better than in Denmark. I also enjoy cooking and good wine, so the weekends are often occupied with dinners and friends. I also have a small singing club with my two oldest friends - we meet once a month for a nice dinner, wine and some great tunes. The quality of the singing is debatable but the fun is undeniable.

  • Dec 19, 2016
    Feedback on Forretningssystemer 2016