Dec 8, 2016
  • As Open Source software is innovative, open, flexible and collaborative, it constitutes a real opportunity to promote the idea of making the platforms necessary for developing digital functions more quickly in the domains of cloud computing, Big Data, mobility and containers.

    The CIO need to find a good balance between the ability to innovate and the need to deliver services efficiently.

    In partnership with IDC, a Research of information technology companies and markets, Devoteam and Red Hat propose a white paper on how to roll out Open Source Cloud Platforms.

    • What does the digital transformation of companies mean and what does the opportunity created by Open Source represent?
    • What are the main challenges for companies in terms of Open Source software?
    • What impact does Open Source software have on the companies undergoing this transformation?
    • What role does the CIO play in this transformation?
    • How are Devoteam and Red Hat working together to make companies' digital transformations a success?
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