Oct 10, 2016
  • Devoteam and Bureau Veritas have joined forces to offer a best practices guide and a range of services to meet the challenges of today’s connected vehicle and tomorrow’s autonomous and communicating vehicles.

    In this guide, our teams offer practical and concrete methods for integrating cybersecurity into the vehicle development cycle, particularly in supporting the existing approaches advocated by ISO 26262.

    The guide also recommends considering a fleet of vehicles and all the associated maintenance infrastructure as an information system requiring security governance that is independent of engineering and lasts throughout all stages of a vehicle’s life: design, development, manufacturing, maintenance and decommissioning.

    The principles in this guide can be adapted to other types of "at risk" connected objects: medical devices, security systems, home automation, etc.


  • Devoteam Risk & Security and Bureau Veritas propose a service offer to support the implementation of the best practices described in the guide.