• Eliminate 10 barriers that prevent successful ITSM Event Management


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  • Date: Wednesday, 14th December 2016
    Time: 12:00 - 13:00 GMT

    75% of IT managers tell us that they understand the benefits, but struggle to implement event management as an integral part of their service desk.

    This webinar will highlight those barriers and explain how to overcome them. Also, the benefits of integrating IT infrastructure events into ServiceNow will be explained and demonstrated.

    Join Devoteam and ServiceNow and learn how your organisation can:

    • Avoid common event management issues
    • Reduce the time to resolve incidents
    • Maximise the investment in your existing tools
    • Move towards business service management

    Instead of the usual high-level view of ITOM, Andy Nelson, Service Assurance Practice Manager at Devoteam (pictured), will discuss the common reasons why companies hesitate to implement event management and how ServiceNow's event management addresses those concerns.

    Plus, see a demonstration of some of the benefits of event management in the context of managing business services. We look forward to welcoming you.

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    Date: Wednesday, 14th December 2016
    Time: 12:00 - 13:00 GMT

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