Mar 10, 2014
  • 2014’s most-awaited photography event

    From February 12 to June 9, the Pompidou Centre hosts the first retrospective dedicated to the photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson.

    Surrealism, the Spanish Civil War, decolonization and the Cold War: the exhibition revisits the history and stories of the 20th century through the camera of Cartier-Bresson.  A legend of photojournalism and founder of the photo agency Magnum Photos, Cartier-Bresson is often referred to "the eye of the century" for having covered all the major events of his time. 

  • Devoteam, a Patron of the Arts, celebrates and encourages Audacity

    Devoteam operates in the information and communication technology sector, where the unending technical revolution requires it to continually adapt and redefine its position. Driven by a spirit of conquest, audacity and creativity, the Group recognises itself in Cartier-Bresson's groundbreaking work.

    Through its arts sponsorship, Devoteam works to help bring art to a wider public.

  • Devoteam and the Pompidou Centre’s shared territory

    Devoteam and the Pompidou Centre share a natural connection with Information and Communication Technologies. The Pompidou Centre has the world’s preeminent collection of new media (photo, video and digital). And these new media are both part of innovative artistic creation and Devoteam’s everyday work tools. Through its expertise and its research and development, Devoteam delivers innovation to its customers.

    This impulse to create and spread knowledge is what the Pompidou Centre's and Devoteam share. 

    Devoteam will involve its customers, partners and collaborators in throughout the course of this leading exhibition of 2014.

  • George Hoyningen-Huene, Henri Cartier-Bresson, New York, 1935
    The Museum of Modern Art, Thomas Walther Collection, Purchase, New York
    © Horst / Courtesy Staley / Wise Gallery / NYC
    Photo: © 2013. Digital image, The Museum of Modern Art, New York / Scala, Florence
    © Affiche Centre Pompidou 2014